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Nowadays car enthusiasts everywhere search for a bigger better deal on their cars, therefore the car industry and car market, especially used car market is more thriving than ever. After a little market research I’ve came across some interesting results. The leaders of five categories of cars which are the most popular are the following:

For the ones on the market for a compact sedan, searching for efficiency and safety, the leader renders itself perfectly into all requirements: we’re talking about the 2003-2008 Hyundai Elantra series. Despite a slow start in the ’90s caused to a bad reputation of unstability and unreliability, the Hyundai Elantra has improved dramatically since then. Due to a complete redesign in 2001 the Elantra of today is currently a class leader, with an improved reliability, stability and a long list of standard features like: air-conditioning, full power accessories, side airbags, 15-inch wheels and an AM/FM cassette player. A very decent engine for a small sedan: a 2 liter engine that generates 135 hp more than enough to power up the compact and launch it on a smooth ride.

Hyundai Elantra

The undisputed leader of the midsize sedan section is the:  2003-2008 Toyota Camry. High quality body and legendary reliability are “genetic” markers of the Toyota. The Camry offers a compliant and smooth ride that is perfect for a family car. A powerful 3.6 liter V6 engine powers up the Toyota, even more than it has to in my opinion. Along side with a six speed manual or automatic transmission depending on the choice of the customer and a front wheel drive makes the Camry not only safe and smooth but fast and powerful as well, up to the task of driving 200.000 miles without major improvements. A definite and absolute class leader.

Toyota Camry

Once again we cross paths with the Korean manufacturer Hyundai. The large sedan section is currently owned by the 2006-2008 Hyundai Azera. One great advantage of this great car is the fact that it’s inexpensive, but don’t take anything away from it. When driven it certainly doesn’t feel or look cheap. A sleek looking grille and really cool looking body lines, resembles more an Acura than a Hyundai. The inside looks just as good “enriched” with faux wood and metallic piping. The cockpit is bursting with technology such as rain-sensing wipers and a power-tilt/telescoping steering wheel. A big 3-8 liter V6 engine develops 263 hp combined with the five speed automatic transmission, launches the Azera at an acceleration of 7.1 sec for the 0-60mph run which is really good for a large sized sedan.

Finally the Coupe class leader is the 2003-2008 BMW 3. This one doesn’t even need an introduction. Luxury, sporty-looks, power, safety and speed are the tenets of the BMW manufacturer. A twin turbocharged 3.0 liter V6 engine develops a massive 320 hp combined with a 7 speed dual clutch automated manual (DCT) transmission develops unparalleled performance on the road. The inside it’s as “turbocharged” as the outside, a little less luxury traded for a lot of roadster-looks the BMW 3 looks more appropriate in a NASCAR than in your backyard. Equipped to the teeth with the most high-tech German components, this car will nearly drive itself.

There you have it, the leaders of all sedan and coupe classes. Which one suits you best?

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The only valid solution I could think of is to research and construct a ranking of the top 5 model sales of 2010 to help me make an idea where the market has shifted the most, hoping that all of us to get a better grip on the situation and maybe even find the best car suited for our personal purposes within the top 5.

On the 5th place the ever present Honda Civic as one of the most popular compact cars in America since its launch in 1973. The strong assets of the Honda Civic are the high level of fit and finish, an impressive reputation for reliability and low running costs. The tweaks made to it to improve the environmental awareness and superior performances, makes the Honda Civic a top choice for many Americans.

The 4th place is occupied by another Honda, the Accord this time. This car has earned the interest of the Americans not by being luxurious or sporty or possessing high performance capabilities, but by providing all the necessary needs to every American. It’s strongly build and safe. On the road is very comfortable and roomy, which is an important factor that places it over most coupe’s, and it’s intelligent: offering a wide variety of specs to it. This car is what I like to call a “work-horse” it’s not meant to be great or shiny or super fast. It’s sole job is to get you on the road and back home safe. A job taken very seriously by Honda.

Our 3rd place is occupied by the Toyota Camry, which despite of the late start in 1983 when it replaced the Corona and quietly entering the market, would grow, morph and finally dominate the entire midsize family sedan segment for the next 30 years. Standing tall with high quality body structure, an impressive durability and ensured comfort on the road, the Camry is the best choice you can have when seeking a roomy comfortable and dependable family car.

Our runner up is the Chevrolet Silverado 1500. A part of the pick-up trucks family the Silverado is a major player on the market. No matter the terrain or the load, this truck will get the job done. Being surprisingly light for a pick-up, it can serve as the weekday family car, or it can tow a boat on the weekends when trips can’t be missed. It provides all the features people want as standard like air conditioning, navigation system, CD-player and electric windows making it a solid pick no matter what its intended use is.

And finally the king of pickup trucks happens to be number 1 in our top, the Ford F-250 Super Duty. There are a ton of reasons for this pick-up to be leader. One of them is the fact that Ford offered an impressive variety of body styles, powertrain options and trim levels to choose from. For this reason, no matter if you’re a business man, or a big rancher, this car will suite just fine with all your demands. Very powerful and silent, this car will run smooth even with massive payloads, being very easy to drive and comfortable to ride in. Big improvements to the engine, handling dynamics increased and a redesigned cabin with higher quality materials can only be a huge asset to any buyer.

Concluding our top 5 I think I may have stumbled over the car I’m getting. Have you?

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Toyota, like any automaker which wants to really succeed in the USA, has its own race cars in the Nascar championship, specifically the Camry Cup Car models.

Now, in order to win even more fans, it has launched a special ‘Sponsafier’ campaign, where people can create their own custom designs for the Toyota Camry Nascar racer. Besides seeing your design trade paint on the track, a lot of other prizes are also available.

Of course, a series of ads were also revealed, in order to promote the campaign. This time though, Toyota has seemingly struck gold, as the commercials are quite funny and entertaining.

Hit the jump to see some of the ads and then go to the Sponsafier website to design your own Toyota Nascar racer.

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So you thought that Toyota models only had problems with acceleration, either due to the faulty pedal or the sticking floor mat, but now it’s official: some cars, including the 2010 Prius, the JDM Sai and the Lexus HS hybrids, all have braking problems. The four-cylinder Camry also joins them, albeit from a slightly different cause, but still concerning the brakes.

First off, it seems that all of the complaints with the braking system on the Prius and its fellow hybrids were right. The new braking energy regeneration systems have impacted the stopping power of the cars on tough conditions like rain or snow. As such, 133,000 2010 model year Prius, 14,500 Lexus 2010 HS 250h and a certain number of Sai hybrids will be recalled so that their ABS systems will be modified.

“We’re committed to doing everything we can – as fast as we can – to restore consumer trust in Toyota, and these recalls are part of this effort,” Jim Lentz, COO, Toyota Motor Sales said in a release. “We regret the inconvenience this recall will cause to Prius and HS 250h owners, and will do our best with the support of our dealers to make sure that it is conducted in the most trouble-free manner possible.”

But hybrid owners aren’t the only ones with problems stopping, as 7,400 Camry models, specifically the ones equipped with the four-cylinder engine, will also be recalled, due to a power steering hose coming into contact with a brake system one, which can lead to a hole in the latter, and result in a loss of brake response.

Source: Toyota

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While the Toyota Prius is riding high the wave of popularity associated with hybrid vehicles, at least in the US, the Camry is still the best selling model, managing to beat its more eco brother by a ratio of three-to-one.

But things will change, at least according the president of Toyota USA, Jim Lentz, which believes that the best selling car in the US will be outsold by the Prius in the next decade. This is quite weird, considering that the Prius isn’t even runner-up to the Camry, as the second best selling mode from the Japanese company in the US is the Corolla.

Lutz does go on to offer back up to his claims, saying that as gas prices and eco-awareness go up, hybrids, especially the Prius, will also experience rising sales, managing to overtake conventional models, like the Camry.

The Toyota USA executive also touched on the oft-rumored claim that the Prius badge will accompany other types of hybrid vehicles, saying that while nothing is for certain, he regularly pushes the leaders in Japan towards this direction.

Do you believe that the Camry will eventually give up its crown to its hybrid brother? Leave a comment with your view on the matter.


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The LA Auto Show marks the debut of the Toyota CNG Camry Hybrid Concept which highlights the Japanese carmaker’s new Hybrid Synergy Drive system. The concept was developed by TMS Advanced Product Strategy group and built by Metal Crafters of Fountain Valley, California, who replaced the 2.4 liter gasoline fuel system with a CNG (compressed natural gas) system including two CNG tanks installed in the spare tire well area. The concept also received some exterior changes, like a new front fascia and front bumper cover that got rid of the grill opening, custom rear bumper covering the tail pipe and the exhaust system, new side skirts and 19 inch alloy wheels fitted with run-flat tires (meant to make up for the lack of the spare tire).

Photo Gallery: Toyota CNG Camry Hybrid Concept


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Gold plated cars are not something new. Every once in a while we get to see one of these showing up, reminding us that there are a lot of people out there that got nothing better to do with their money than extremely pimping up a car. This 24k gold plated Toyota Camry is no exception. Of course, as you probably imagine, the owner comes from Dubai and the car is for sale for 135,000 AED ($36,800 or €23,700). However, one thing bothers me. If you want to show off, why in the world would you choose a Toyota Camry? Weird.

Check out more photos after the jump.


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