Toyota Celica to make its comeback in 2010 |

Quite some time ago we wrote about Toyota deciding to bring back the Celica this year. The post received a lot of comments and everyone was thrilled hearing that, because the Celica, though it was discontinued for slow sales, made a lot of fans among the car enthusiasts. And now we’ve got some more good news. After a year and half with no word from Toyota about a new Celica, French magazine L’Automobile received confirmation from Thierry Dombreval, Toyota Europe’s VP of Sales and Marketing, who said the Celica will make its comeback next year, as a result of the partnership between Toyota and Subaru.

This comes after reports pointed that the two Japanese car makers are working on a jointly developed rear-wheel-drive sports car and apparently the car will wear the Celica badge for Toyota, while we don’t have any details about Subaru’s version. We hope this time Toyota won’t change its mind again, because there are a lot of people out here (including us) dreaming of a new generation Celica.

Source: L’Automobile Magazine (in French) via 4WheelsNews

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