Toyota executive says video games make people less interested in real cars |

In a rather shocking and awkward statement, it seems that one Toyota executive is blaming the lack of interest in cars from the younger generation (on which we reported last week), on, believe it or not, video games, like Gran Turismo, Forza Motorsport or Need for Speed.

It is all part of an article made by reputed Japanese journalist Masahiro Kawaguchi, which compared the current state of the Japanese youth and how they believe cars to be unnecessary. “Guys used to work hard at their job so they could get a stylish, cool car for girl’s to ride in.” He then quoted a Toyota executive which revealed that: “Home game machines are no good. Playing something that realistic makes the need for cars disappear.”

This is rather awkward as Toyota is quite involved in the gaming industry, loaning a lot of its models, like the newly released Toyota FT-86 Concept, to high end titles like Gran Turismo 5. It’s hard to believe that people will now take their Xboxes or PlayStation 3 consoles to work, but the executive may have a point.

You must consider the fact that public transportation is quite developed in Japan, so the need of driving a car every now and then might be substituted for many people by driving one in a video game. What do you think? Will we sell our vehicles for consoles and games? Don’t be shy and drop a comment below

Source: Kotaku

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