Toyota extends unintended acceleration recall to Europe |

I know most of you are getting sick and tired about the issues regarding the major recalls coming from Toyota, but it seems that the company will be expanding it to Europe, not only to North America as it was up until now.

According to the Toyota spokesman for Europe, Paul Nolasco, the Japanese corporation is in talks with regulatory bodies and organizations to start recalling specific vehicles into service so that the issues concerning unintended acceleration, whether they are linked to faulty floor mats or malfunctioning gas pedals, will be resolved.

The specific models, or their number isn’t known yet, but you can clearly guess that a lot of customers will be affected, given Toyota’s popularity, which has surely taken a nose dive in recent weeks. Either way, if you have a Toyota or maybe even a Lexus model, and the acceleration has been acting up, you should be more careful. It is still unknown if the Japanese company will (be forced to) suspend its sales in the territory, but maybe GM and Ford will extend their incentives in Europe.

Source: Automarket