Toyota, Ford and Honda top Consumer Reports brand perception study, Hummer, Saab and Mazda last |

Carmakers invest a huge amount of money in their brand perception, as depending on how the majority of people think about the whole lineup affects sales more than just how they think about a certain model.

That’s why studies like the most recent one from Consumer Reports are extremely valuable to manufacturers. This new brand perception study averaged the way people thought about the automakers in seven categories: safety, quality, value, performance, design/style, technology/innovation, and environmentally friendly/green. The final results are an average of the individual scores.

Coming up at the top of the list was, a bit surprising, Toyota, which apparently got away without tarnishing its reputation from the big scandal from the end of last year. Next up was Ford, scoring a pretty big increase in perception, largely due to its non-bailed out status. Completing the podium was Honda, which came ahead of another interesting surprise: Chevrolet. A worthy mention in the good category was Subaru, which registered the biggest growth in perception during 2009.

The lower segment didn’t have many surprises, as Hummer ranked lowest, seeing as how GM completely abandoned it, hoping to sell it to the Chinese at Sichuan Tengzhong. Next up, another GM brand which went through many troubled times last year, Saab, which was actually tied to Mercury, a brand Ford forgot last year. Next up was Mazda, which saw quite a loss in popularity in the US. Other brands which took a free fall were Porsche, Lexus and, a bit surprisingly, Cadillac.

You can find the complete report here. Share your thoughts about the new standings below.

Source: Consumer Reports via Autoblog

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