Toyota has fixed over 3.2 million recalled models, 4.6 million left

Seeing as how Toyota desperately needs to score some more points in the eyes of the public, especially after it has been overtaken by BMW in terms of brand value, the company released a new statement, regarding the repairs on the many recalled vehicles from the start of the year.

It seems that Toyota dealerships were extremely busy and managed, since the recall was made official, to fix over 3.2 million vehicles. The breakdown is as follows:

• 1.6 million to address the potential for sticking accelerator pedals, • 1.5 million to address the potential for floor mat pedal entrapment, and

• 115,000 program updates to the anti-lock brake systems (ABS) in certain 2010 Prius and Lexus models.

Still, the Japanese company has a lot of work ahead, as an estimated 4.6 million vehicles are still in dire need of repairs so that they don’t endanger the life of its drivers, passengers and fellow road users.

Source: Toyota

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