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Rappers all around the world rejoice! We usually like the tuning programs from Japanese tuner Wald International but auch, this one makes our eyes hurt. The Toyota Land Cruiser V8 is one big beast, we know that because we had the chance to test drive it last year, and giving at a sporty and aggressive is just…wrong! The Black Bison package features new, huge front bumper, side skirts, rear apron with integrated diffuser, roof wing and new alloy wheels. Unless you’ve got an exaggerated ego and really like to get noticed, we don’t see any reason why anyone would buy this package.

Photo Gallery: Toyota Land Cruiser V8 tuning by Wald International


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So last weekend I had the opportunity to test one hell of a car. Because it’s big. Really big. Huge. Did I mention it’s really big?

The Toyota Land Cruiser is a big car, everyone knows that. But Toyota Land Cruiser V8 is even bigger. So big that getting in the car can be a challenge if you’re not in shape or you happen to be shorter.


What’s there to say? It’s a huge off-roader (you can’t call it an SUV), with wheels the size of a Daewoo Tico, which doesn’t look bad but isn’t an example of perfect aerodynamics either. Honestly, I like the old version’s design better, this one looks too rough to me. It follows the latest trend in Toyota design, with the headlights sticking out (I don’t particularly like it) and the large chrome radiator grill.


It’s big on the inside, as you can expect. It can fit three rows of chairs and seven passengers, but I wouldn’t ask my friends to sit in the last row and hope they’ll still be my friends afterwards. If you’ve got kids though, it’s perfect.

The interior is full of leather and wood, the unavoidable plastic on the dashboard looks very well, but it felt inconsistent at times: you see wood on the central console, then you see aluminum, like they couldn’t decide if they wanted a sporty interior or not. (more…)

Post tags: Tags: Toyota, toyota landcruiser, toyota landcruiser v8