Toyota launches the Sai hybrid sedan in Japan, based on the Lexus HS 250h, looks like a Prius sedan |

As you all know, the Tokyo Motor Show has already started and boy do we have plenty of things to report on. First off, let’s start with something for the eco-conscious people out there, who will be thrilled to hear that Toyota has just launched the new Sai hybrid sedan in its native Japan.

While the car may be based on the North American Lexus HS 250h, to me it really looks like a sedan version of the Prius model. Among the differentiating factors, between the Toyota and Lexus models are the new designs for the front end, which include revamped head lamps, bonnet and bumper, and the new tail lights

The interior, as opposed to the Lexus, has a new instrument panel and center console design, as well as a new steering wheel and, as expected, doesn’t have the same quality of finishes as the pricier Lexus mode.

In terms of power, the car is basically the same, being powered by the 2.4-liter Atkinson-cycle VVTi four-cylinder engine, which words in tandem with an electric motor powered by a battery pack, giving the new sedan an output of 190 HP, which goes through a variable transmission to the front wheels.

Set to go on sale in Japan on December 7, this year, the prices will start at $37,200 and go up to $46,800 (that’s 3,380,000 yen to 4,260,000 yen). No word yet on if the Sai will be launched in other territories or if the Lexus will be the main hybrid sedan pushed by Toyota in continents like Europe or Asia.

Source: CarScoop

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