Toyota Matrix and Corolla steering issues aren’t worth a recall, will be fixed for free in the future –

The beginning of 2010 was a bleak time for Toyota, as the Japanese company was forced to recall a huge number of models for a variety of reasons.

In between those news, it seems that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration also revealed that it will open an investigation in regards to 749,685 Toyota Matrix and Corolla models. The 2009 and 2010 model year vehicles received 168 complaints regarding the steering system, which was prone to drifting and locking up while at highway speeds.

Even though a lot of time has passed since February, the NHTSA has yet to reveal an official result. Meanwhile, the Detroit Free Press has just revealed that Toyota will take action, but not in the form of a recall.

According to the statistics of the Japanese company, even though 437 complaints were made directly to it, including 11 injuries and 18 crashes, the steering problem for the Matrix and Corolla doesn’t deserve a full pledged recall.

Instead, Toyota will issue a new Technical Service Bulletin, and offer to fix the problem for free, if any customer demands it. As such, if you feel that your Matrix or Corolla isn’t responding properly to steering input, mechanics will be advised to check tire pressure and alignment, and if that doesn’t work, they will implement a new steering software.

It will definitely be interesting to see how the NHTSA will react to this decision and how the Pontiac Vibe, a badge-engineered version of the Matrix, will be affected by this recall technical service bulletin.

Source: Detroit Free Press

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