Toyota may have found fix for Lexus GX460 drifting, NHTSA opens investigation |

Toyota has been taking the tail-happy Lexus GX460 quite seriously, after Consumer Reports said that the luxury SUV is dangerous to drive because of its faulty traction control, that results in the big truck going out of control.

After just a few days since the news broke out, Japan’s Nikkei newspaper already reports that the engineers at Toyota may have already found a fix for the drifting Lexus. It seems a reflash of the SUV’s ECU, alongside “other changes” are enough to keep the GX460 from sliding all over the place if you take your foot off the throttle mid-corner.

Still, the NHTSA has already revealed that it is inspecting the specific 2010 Lexus GX460 model tested out by Consumer Reports and will showcase its findings soon. As of yet, there’s no word if the 2010 model year GX460 models are going to be recalled, but it’s quite likely.

Source: TTAC and The Detroit News

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