Toyota may shorten the acceleration pedal in order to prevent floor mat from jamming it

Many US Toyota and Lexus drivers have been eagerly following the whole debate on whether or not floor mats from various models can jam the accelerator pedal in fully open state, and thus result in a crash.

The Japanese company has been studying the problem for at least two months, with the help of the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Association), and according to some sources, is close to an official decision on what modifications will the models likely to suffer such an event endure during the recall.

It seems that Toyota may decide to shorten the gas pedal, and might even replace the faulty floor mats completely free of charge for owners of models like the 2007-’10 Camry, Tundra and Lexus ES 350; the 2005-’10 Avalon and Tacoma, 2004-’09 Prius, and 2006-’10 Lexus IS 250. It will no doubt cost the Japanese carmaker a lot of money, but sources also claim that it has plenty of cash for rainy recall days such as these.

Stay tuned for an official confirmation on what will happen with the Toyota and Lexus models soon.

Source: InsideLine via Autoblog

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