Toyota owners complain about unintended acceleration even after recall fix |

Toyota is sure to remember the beginning of 2010 as one of the darkest periods it has ever gone through. The two huge recalls it has issued, both for unintended acceleration, have caused over 10 million cars to be called back into dealerships where new equipment, either gas pedals or floor mats, were installed.

Seeing as how cars are getting fixed and credibility in the company is starting to improve, you’d think Toyota has nothing to worry about. Well you’re wrong, as the NHTSA has already received seven complaints in the last two weeks from Toyota owners claiming unintended acceleration incidents.

All of the customers have revealed that their cars already received the new equipment, which needed to put an end to such events. We don’t know if the faults stem from the same cause or a new one altogether, as the NHTSA is still investigating these claims.

The Los Angeles Times, however, has revealed that several experts consider the fixes issued by Toyota inadequate, and that the root of the unintended acceleration claims has yet to be discovered. If the claims turn out to be true, Toyota might end up in an even more difficult situation.

Source: LA Times

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