Toyota plans to launch new vehicles under the Prius hybrid brand |

Everybody knows Toyota is one of the largest automakers in the world, and with this size, it has allowed itself to create other brands, like Lexus or Scion, in order to make more models based on the same platforms. But one other name will join, under certain circumstances, this lineup, as the company announced at a dealer convention in Las Vegas that it will build the Prius hybrid brand by launching new vehicles under it.

While it won’t be a full fledge one, the Prius brand will gather under it all of the new hybrids that the company is preparing to launch or experimenting with. This move will further fuel the rumors that the Japanese company is working on a coupe version of the regular, four-door, Prius, but also a pickup truck, based on the A-BAT concept revealed a few months ago.

Even though the company declined to reveal any details on when these models will appear, some analysts believe that 2012 might be a good time for the Prius lineup to see some fresh new models. Until then, we’re left with the same old popular hybrid.

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Source: Leftlane

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