Toyota Prius Alpha MPV set to arrive in early 2011 |

A few weeks ago, we heard a pretty interesting rumor about Toyota’s future plans with its hybrid endeavors. It revealed that the long awaited expansion of the Prius lineup will be made with a full pledged seven-seat MPV.

Now, according to MotorTrend, we will see this new hybrid MPV, presumably called the Alpha, as early as spring 2011. According to their sources, the Toyota Alpha will get a lithium-ion battery pack, a first for the hybrid models produced by the Japanese company.

Just so it has all its bases covered, Toyota is also thinking of a smaller, five-seat compact MPV. This version would be the cheaper one, as it will still use the nickel metal hydride battery pack as the current Prius hybrid hatchback.

Toyota knows that more hybrid models will guarantee its success, especially in markets like Japan or USA, so these models will arrive sooner or later. Now it’s time to bet on what motor show (Tokyo or LA, probably), will host the official announcement of these family-friendly hybrids.

Source: MotorTrend

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