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To be honest, I was so amazed when I stumbled upon this news, that I didn’t even know how to start the post. This thing you see in this photo and in the video below is the work of Claes Gustafson and the crew at Classe’s Garage and it was created for a Swedish TV show.

Because no body kit is available for the Toyota Prius, the crew modified a Volvo XC90. The back doors were removed and a pair of custom made knife doors were used for the front, the back window was removed, the side ones were reshaped, a carbon fiber wind splitter was placed under the front bumper and under the door sills and the rear end got a carbon fiber venturi. The car rides on an air suspension and 20-inch wheels brought to a halt with over-sized front brakes. The interior is also crazy, with a custom dashboard and a center console, racing seats and a 4,400-watt stereo system (five subwoofers and eight speakers) plus 15 LCD screens and a tablet PC with wireless internet access. All these equipment is powered by four batteries keep it all going.

“The goal … was to give the viewer a great show and, second, to show that a Toyota isn’t a boring and anonymous car,” Claes Gustafson told Wired. According to him, the whole idea was “to show that every car can be styled.”

And if the car’s look don’t leave you wordless, then you must know how much this cost. Exactly $184,275! Was it worth it? Well, we don’t really know whether to hate or love the car, but it definitely is one of a kind. And it also won some awards at the Bilsport Custom and Performance Show, where it took top honors in the eco-car division and also won the John D’Agsostino Kustom Kars of California Special Award.

You really need to see the video, after the jump.

Extreme Toyota Prius

Source: Wired (Via Jalopnik)