Toyota reportedly scraps current FT-86 design for a new one |

A new, pretty worrying report has just arrived concerning Toyota and its FT-86 concept, which previews the company’s new rear-wheel drive sports coupe: the current design, which was showcased at the Tokyo Motor Show and the Tokyo Auto Salon, has been scrapped in favor of another, tamer one.

It seems that the Japanese company has commissioned three design teams, the Toyota Technical Center from Japan, the Toyota Europe Design Development and the Calty Design Research bureau from North America, to issue designs for the FT-86.

The European design was favored at first, and was chosen for the model we saw up until now, but it now seems that Toyota has opted to go with the Calty Design one, which takes a tamer approach at the looks of the new Japanese rear-wheel drive coupe.

Do bear in mind that this is still in rumor stage but if it turns out to be true, we’re definitely going to miss the current FT-86 design.

Source: Holiday Autos via FT-86club via Autoblog

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