Toyota rumored to bring Scion iQ as hybrid to USA, body styles include sedan and five-door |

The Toyota iQ is already selling quite well in Europe, and even had the honor of being transformed into an Aston Martin, but US consumers still haven’t gotten their hands on the small model, which will be badged as a Scion there.

According to new rumors, it seems that US consumers will be receiving some interesting options with the future Scion city car, as InsideLine reports that Toyota will make one last effort to attract people to the Scion brand by offering a hybrid drivetrain for the iQ, and also multiple body styles, besides the classic three-door one.

As such, US clients will be able to get their hands on five-door and even a sedan variant of the Scion iQ (which, by the way, might not even bear that name, given the differences). Beside the hybrid power option, which most likely will see a 1.5-liter engine with 100 or 120 HP coupled with the electric motor, customers will also be able to choose a regular 1.3-liter engine, which will develop 93 HP.

Source: InsideLine

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