Toyota says it will improve quality, shift focus from trucks to hybrids in the US |

We’ve heard quite a bit of rumors recently about the future plans from Toyota, but now its executive vice president for North America and global manufacturing, Atsushi Niimi, has stepped forward to reveal some hard facts about where the Japanese company will go.

The first topic was build quality, which he says will improve and match the older times when people could count on a Toyota through thick and thin, no matter what. He also revealed that new safety functions will be implemented, in order to minimize “tragic accidents”, like the recent one caused by the faulty floor mat.

Addressing the North American market, the Toyota exec says US engineers will play a bigger role in redesigning models from Japan and deciding which models make the jump across the ocean and which don’t. In terms of its current lineup, Niimi said that mid-cycle facelifts won’t appear that often, as the corporation will focus on bigger changes.

But one of the most important aspects was that it will start trimming from its truck and pick-up range, as many models contradict each other, and focusing, at least in North America, on other hybrid models, possibly different body versions for the Prius.

Source: Automotive News via Autoblog

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