Toyota thinking about extending warranties, cash incentives to win back customers |

As you could expect, the two big recalls made by Toyota over unintended acceleration, hasn’t really helped the image of the brand. As such, executives are working on a few plans to win back customers and get sales back up to where they were before the many recalls.

But while the leaders of the Japanese company aren’t saying a word about these strategies, several dealers have revealed two big plans that Toyota might implement: extending warranties to a Hyundai-level of 10 years, and offering various cash incentives to keep people from switching brands.

Do bear in mind that nothing is for certain, as these are just statements from dealers, but an increase in warranty period might definitely make people more interested in Toyota models, even though their largely spotless quality image from the past isn’t what it used to be. In terms of cash incentives though, Toyota might bite off more than ti can chew, but who knows what the final plans will look like.

What do you think? Would such incentives like extended warranty and money make you buy a Toyota? Leave an answer below.

Source: Bloomberg via Autoblog

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