Toyota to bring back MR2 as a hybrid sports coupe? |

I’m sure most of you are looking at hybrids as the harbingers of change for the automotive industry, as they will slowly erase the need for big, powerful sportscar from the mainstream market. But there are still sides of the hybrid market which tell a different story, as nobody said you can’t get performance out of such a car, with the best example being the upcoming Honda CR-Z sports coupe.

But Toyota isn’t going to sit idly as its fellow Japanese rival gets the hybrid performance market all for itself, and even though it is rumored to be preparing a performance coupe of its own based on the Prius, the company is also considering the revival of the popular MR2 model.

Now do bear in mind that this is just in the rumors stage, but according to sources in Japan, Toyota is seriously considering the launch of a coupe with its engine mounted in the middle, behind the cabin, and coupled through an optimized version of the Hybrid Synergy Drive to an electric motor. This new model might receive the MR2’s Japanese nameplate, MR-S and with any luck, will hit a global market soon enough.

What do you believe? Would a hybrid MR2 make your day or should Toyota not attempt such a thing? Leave a comment with your view on the matter.

Source: Best Car via Autoblog

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