Toyota to receive input from independent North American Quality Advisory Panel |

In order to improve its public perception, Toyota announced that it will receive key input and feedback from a new independent group, the North American Quality Advisory Panel, which is led by former US Secretary of Transportation Rodney Slater.

“I am pleased that Secretary Slater has accepted our invitation to lead the distinguished group of safety and quality experts who will help Toyota to improve its quality controls in North America,” said Yoshi Inaba, President and Chief Operating Officer of TMA. “We are committed to more transparency regarding our safety and quality controls, and the independent advisors will have our full cooperation and access to any information they believe they need.”

The mission of the Quality Advisory Panel will be to evaluate the findings of Toyota’s own internal investigations, and will have direct access to the head honcho of the Japanese company, Akio Toyoda. One the primary goals will be to evaluate the electronic throttle control system (ECTS-i), used in Toyota and Lexus models.

With new reports indicating that already recalled and fixed Toyota models might still suffer from unintended acceleration problems, this move might be one in the right direction for the Japanese company.

Source: Toyota

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