Toyota unintended acceleration death toll at 89, NHTSA says |

Toyota’s unintended acceleration scandal caused a quite a lot of damage to the image of the Japanese carmaker, but the problems with the cars also caused tragedies in the families of people involved in accidents or crashes because of either the sticky pedal or the jammed floor mat.

According to a new statistic from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 89 deaths can now be attributed to unintended acceleration incidents that occurred between 2000 and May of 2010. Until now, around 52 deaths were pinned to these Toyota problems.

Alongside the new 89 deaths, 57 injuries were recorded from the over 6,200 incidents the NHTSA recorded in that time frame.

In response, Toyota revealed that: “Many complaints in the NHTSA database, for any manufacturer, lack sufficient detail that could help identify the cause of an accident. We will continue to work in close partnership with law enforcement agencies and federal regulators with jurisdiction over accident scenes whenever requested.”

The Japanese company recently revealed that more than 3.2 million vehicles have been fixed but 4.6 million still await for a remedy to be implemented in order to eliminate unintended acceleration worries.

Source: Washington Post

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