Toyota's chief test driver dies in Lexus LFA car crash around the Nurburgring |

It’s a sad day for Toyota, as the company has just revealed that its chief test driver, 67-year-old Hiromu Naruse, has died in a car crash involving a prototype Lexus LFA Nurburgring edition.

The car, which was revealed a few weeks ago, was still in testing, and Naruse was doing just that around a highway near the actual Nurburgring circuit. It seems that he veered onto the opposing lane and crashed, head-on, with a BMW prototype.

While the two BMW occupants have survived, it seems that Toyota’s Naruse died immediately. Even though the cars were prototypes, they had all the safety equipment fitted, and the drivers were also wearing helmets.

Hiromu Naruse was one of the most respected people from Toyota, being with the company for 47 years and testing out all of the performance models released by the Japanese company. The Lexus LFA was considered his greatest achievement, as Naruse was called the Godfather of the LFA.

Not a lot of other things are known at the moment, but you can feel free to hit jump and see some footage from the crash site captured by German TV.

Source: Autoblog via Automarket

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