Toyota's research and development to go on undaunted by Formula 1 exit |

As we revealed yesterday, giant carmaker Toyota
has retired from one of the most important motorsport competitions, Formula 1, due to the economic crisis. But a Toyota source revealed that this won’t affect the current research and development on new cars, and that it will just be business as usual.

“We entered F1 when we weren’t as big as we are now,” revealed the source. “It was about making a statement to the world about who we are and what we were about and you could argue either way whether we’ve achieved that. Toyota is such a huge company that development and R&D on all different types of road cars would be going on anyway. Just because we’ve pulled out, we’re not suddenly going to be putting all our money saved into building new supercars or hybrids.”

Don’t forget that Toyota has already revealed the Lexus LFA supercar, which promises to take on companies like Ferrari or Lamborghini, and also plans to release the Toyota FT-86 concept (which might be named Celica) in order to make a comeback in the sports coupe market.

One of the most interesting statements though was the small contribution the Formula 1 team had to R&D. “When did we last see anything from an F1 car on a road car?” he said. “The R&D on roads cars is now so advanced and far removed from F1 that we’re probably ahead of what they know in many aspects already.”

The source ended by saying that until 2020, Toyota plans to have a hybrid in every car segment, and as such, the R&D department needs to work hard.

Source: Autocar

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