Toyota’s Window to the World for Back-Seat Passengers –

Today we continue with another innovation coming from Toyota for entertaining back-seat passengers: Window to the World, a smart technology embedded into the car window’s glass which uses an interactive tool to watch the outside world. This innovation is perfect for kids, as it maintains them entertained and can be used as teaching tool too, for kids to learn identifying objects and to correctly pronounce their name whenever they see them.

One of Toyota’s cars already has such a window, with touch screen glass and all the features active. This is how the rear window gets to replace some of the objects you carry with you whenever you travel (such as binoculars) and provides various options, such as calculating the distance to objects that you see from the car, information about what you see on the outside.

The presentation video is below:

This project is the result of a team work between engineers from Toyota Motor Europe and Copenhagen Instituted of Interaction Design, and we think that it’s a really interesting and creative window concept, that has potential to become a real success in the industry.

Would you like such a window in your car?

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