Travis Pastrana to jump from pier to barge across 250 feet of water in Subaru rally car |

In yet another death-defying jump organized by Red Bull, reputed stunt and rally driver Travis Pastrana will jump a rally-spec Subaru Impreza WRX STi from a pier in Long Beach, California, and attempt to cross over 250 feet of open water in order to land on a barge anchored in the ocean.

The stunt will be part of Red Bull’s New Year, No Limits series of events, and will also be a world record breaking attempt of jumping in a rally car. The current record is held by none other than Pastrana’s teammate, Ken Block, which jumped 171 feet.

“It ought to be a pretty cool thing. I just hope they get me back to the party after I land on the barge,” Pastrana revealed in an interview. “Even more, I hope I’m not swimming. I’ve been a pretty good boy. I’ve been out of the water since then. Hopefully I’ll stay out of the water this time.”

All we can do is tune in at New Year on ESPN, which will be on the scene with live reports of the stunt. Hopefully everything will go alright and Pastrana will continue to amaze us with other record attempts.

Source: AP via Autoblog