Tuned Smart ForTwo goes drifting in Japan, we’ve got the video to prove it – rpmGo.com

When you think about drifting, one’s mind goes to classic Japanese models like the Toyota AE86, the Nissan Silvia or the Toyota Supra, or American muscle cars like the Ford Mustang. But what about a Smart ForTwo?

No, we’re not joking or smoking anything illegal, a team of Japanese tuners actually saw a lot of potential in the tiny city car from Mercedes-Benz and outfitted one with a variety of performance parts. From enlarging the wheel arches to fitting custom tires and an impressive exhaust system which spits out fire as it traverses around the track.

The result? A stunning video which really raises my opinion of the small city car and the great work that both the engineers at Mercedes-Benz and at the Japanese tuning company achieved. Enjoy!

Source: WreckedMagazine

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