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Skoda Octavia 2 RS By Milotec

I’ve always been a big fan of the Skoda Octavia RS and it’s nice to see that from time to time tuners do their work on this model. Milotec has developed a tuning package and styling kit for the hatchback version of the model which looks great.

Skoda Octavia 2 RS By Milotec

They have installed a new front grille and matching headlamp covers, an updated front bumper that has a lid spoiler, a rear apron, carbon wrap for the roof, diffuser and a new boot spoiler. As you can see, the Octavia 2 RS by Milotec rides on a new set of 19-inch alloys that have the same color as the body of the vehicle. These rims are wrapped around in 225/35 R19 Hankook S1 Evo tires. They’ve also fitted the fast hatchback with an H&R sporty suspension kit that brings the car closer to the ground.

Skoda Octavia 2 RS By Milotec

Inside the cabin, the Skoda Octavia 2 RS by Milotec gets a custom aluminum trim for the door panels and the dashboard, aluminum pedals and footrest, and bespoke door sills.

Skoda Octavia 2 RS By Milotec

The new sports exhaust system can be installed on both gasoline and diesel versions of the Octavia RS which increases the output by 5%. The tuner has developed a new ECU for the model powered by the 2.0-liter TDI engine which increases the output to 200 hp.

Source: Milotec via Carscoop

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VW Touareg By JE Design

The German tuners from JE Design have developed a brand new bodykit for the VW Touareg lineup, including the R-line models. This bodykit consists of a new front spoiler, grille, front & rear widening wheel arches, a tailgate panel and a rear apron insert. The Touareg now rides on a new set of SUV-Select 22-inch alloys wrapped around in high-performance tires that measure 295/30R22 on all four corners. In addition, they’ve installed a wheel spacer kit (30 mm front / 40 mm rear).

VW Touareg By JE Design

Aside from the bodykit and the wheels, JE Design has a power boost for the Touareg. The 4.2-liter TDI gets an ECU remap so the horsepower figure goes up from the standard 335 hp (340 PS / 250 kW) and 590 lb.-ft (800 Nm) to 404 hp (410 PS / 302 kW) and 686 lb.-ft (930 Nm) of torque. With this upgrade, the Touareg is capable of doing the 0-62 mph sprint in 5.4 seconds, which is 0.4 seconds quicker than the standard version of the car. It can hit a top speed of 167 mph (269 km/h) which is considerably higher than the 150 mph (242 km/h) of the standard car.

VW Touareg By JE Design

The German SUV is also brought closer to the ground by 35mm thanks to the new suspension-lowering module. Other than that, it packs a dual exhaust system that has stainless steel oval pipes, while inside the cabin they’ve used Alcantara for the roof liner, door panels and the dashboard.

Source: JE Design via WCF

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Tuningwerk BMW 7 Series

The Munich-based tuners from Tuningwrek have released their upgrade program for the BMW 7-Series F02 Long Version. After the improvements they’ve made, the engine of the car outputs 720 hp while the maximum torque is 1,090 Nm, enough for a 0-62 mph sprint in 3.5 seconds and a top speed of 350 km/h.

Tuningwerk BMW 7 Series

The engine can be linked to either a 5- or 6-speed automatic gearbox and the car has been equipped with a carbon ceramic brake system that has 396mm ceramic brake disks for the front axle while the disks in the back axle are a little bit smaller. After installing the new braking system, they’ve managed to lower the weight of the car by approximately 70 kg. An additional 50 kg were shaved off by implementing a lightweight sports exhaust system along with carbon front and side body sills.

Tuningwerk BMW 7 Series

The full power upgrade will set you back 198,000 Euros but there is a smaller upgrade that lifts the power of the engine to “only” 530 hp and 740 Nm. This one costs 168,900 Euros and it allows the 7-Series to reach 62 mph from start in 4.2 seconds, en route to a maximum speed of 310 km/h.

Source: Tuningwrek via Inside Line

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Hyundai Genesis Coupe Hurricane SC

The 2011 edition of the SEMA aftermarket show will be organized in Las Vegas next month, where the South Korean car manufacture r Hyundai will bring at least three models. Two of them are based on the recently introduced Veloster model while the third one will be this Genesis Coupe Hurricane SC.

The vehicle was developed by Hyundai America Technical Center Inc. in partnership with Magnuson Products, Harman International, Rhys Millen Racing and Torvec Inc. HATCI mentioned that they have started working on this heavily modified Genesis Coupe back in 2009 and the engineers have taken care of all the aspects of the vehicle, including chassis, power unit and styling.

The car will have the same V6 3.8-liter engine as the one available in the standard Genesis Coupe, but they’ll install a supercharger with a liquid to air intercooler that was developed by HATCI and Magnuson that raises the output of the engine to 450+ hp. Aside from this upgrade, the car will be fitted with a free flowing exhaust system and air intake, IsoTorque differential, 19-inch Enkei alloys with Hankook tires, as well as  a Brembo 6-piston brake kit with cross drilled front + rear rotor brakes.

The guys from Rhys Millen Racing will be in charge with the styling of the Genesis Coupe Hurricane SC and the car will come with a modified Harman International high level Lexicon audio system that will rock the SEMA show.

Source: Hyundai via Carscoop

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Chevrolet Camaro SS Convertible By Geiger Cars

The German tuner Geiger Cars has taken the cool Chevrolet Camaro SS Convertible and installed to the V8 6.2-liter engine a new supercharger that increases the output of the engine to 560 hp (568 PS / 418 kW) and a peak torque of 575 lb.-ft (779 Nm). Their Camaro SS rides on massive orange 22-inch wheels wrapped around in 265/30/R22 tires for the ones in the front and 295/25/R22 for the back wheels.

Chevrolet Camaro SS Convertible By Geiger Cars

In addition, the tuners have fitted the convertible with an adjustable suspension as well as a sport exhaust system. Its bodykit includes side skirts, a chin spoiler, rear wing and a rear diffuser.

Chevrolet Camaro SS Convertible By Geiger Cars

As you can see, the Chevrolet Camaro SS Convertible by Geiger Cars is wearing an attractive black & orange paint. For the entire package you’ll have to pay 85,000 Euros.

Chevrolet Camaro SS Convertible By Geiger Cars

Source: Geiger Cars via Motor Ward

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Mercedes-Benz SLK By Project Kahn

The newest tuning project from Project Kahn is based on the Mercedes-Benz SLK 200 BlueEfficiency AMG Sport Pack, the one that has the Brabus supercharged 4-cylinder engine which is 50 hp more powerful than the regular version. The engine is mated to a 7-speed automatic gearbox and gets the AMG exterior package, including side skirts plus front and rear bumpers.

Mercedes-Benz SLK By Project Kahn

What Project Kahn has done is offer a gorgeous matte black exterior paint, along with a carbon-finished grille, red calipers, front carbon splitters, remote control roof, matt black side vents, a lowered suspension, Kahn exhaust system and roll bars in brushed aluminum. The SLK now rides on a new set of 20-inch RS600 Kahn alloys which look great on this car.

Inside the cabin, the SLK gets black & red quilted leather, but you can have it anyway you want since Project Kahn can do just about everything the customers asks. An SLK with this upgrade package will set you back 42,875 pounds.

Source: Project Kahn via Motor Ward

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Hofele Design Audi SR 8

The tuners from Hofele Design have revealed their latest upgrade program for the Audi A8. Dubbed the SR 8, the vehicle comes with a revised grille, a new front bumper and an updated rear diffuser. Other than that, it features a trunk-mounted spoiler, a bunch of 20- and 22-inch alloys and a sports exhaust system. The Audi A8 is brought closer to the ground by up to 40 mm at speeds of less than 43 mph thanks to the implementation of a suspension lowering module.

Hofele Design Audi SR 8

The cabin of this tuned A8 has two-tone seats, a steering wheel wrapped around in Alcantara, along with a carbon fiber trim. They also offer optimized power unit software that allows the 4.2-liter TFSI gasoline and TDI V8s to unleash 385 hp (390 PS / 287 kW).

Hofele Design Audi SR 8

Source: Hofele Design via WCF

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Audi RS3 by MTM

If you’re one of those people who thinks that 335 hp (340 PS / 250 kW) and 332 lb.-ft (450 Nm) of torque is not enough for the standard Audi RS3, then you should have a look at MTM’s tuning program which raises the output of the engine to 466 hp (472 PS / 347 kW) and 442 lb.-ft (600 Nm).

Audi RS3 by MTM

How they managed to do this? Well, they’ve fitted the power unit with a modified turbocharger as well as a brand new sport exhaust system. More power demands for beefier brakes and the tuner from MTM did just that.

Audi RS3 by MTM

This Audi RS3 tuned by Motoren Technik Mayer (MTM) is able to do the 0-62 mph sprint in only 4.1 seconds, which is 0.5 faster than the standard version, while the top speed is 181 mph (292 km/h). The German tuner also throws in a set of 19-inch bimoto rims.

Audi RS3 by MTM

You can also order a new air filter which will set you back 190 Euros, intercooler reinforcement for another 100 Euros, plus performance spark plugs that are available for 363 Euros.

Source: MTM via ZerCustoms

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Maserati GranTurismo MC Stradale by Novitec Tridente

The engineers from Novitec Tridente have developed a new tuning program for the very hot Maserati GranTurismo MC Stradale. Design-wise, the coupe now comes with a ventilated bonnet, a sport exhaust system, a reduced ride height and it rides on 21- / 22-inch alloys that are wrapped around in Pirelli P Zero tires.

Maserati GranTurismo MC Stradale by Novitec Tridente

The most interesting modifications have been brought under that new hood where the V8 4.7-liter now has a supercharger, bigger fuel injectors, a new intake manifold and an updated engine mapping. Thanks to the implementation of these updates, the power unit now produces 637 hp (646 PS / 475 kW) and a peak torque of 460 lb.-ft (624 Nm). This is enough for a 0-62 mph sprint time in only 3.9 seconds, a 0-200 km/h in 11.4 seconds, and a maximum speed of 190 mph (306 km/h).

Maserati GranTurismo MC Stradale by Novitec Tridente

The price for all these goodies is $31,820 (23,900 Euros) and Novitec Tridente says that the interior of the Maserati GranTurismo MC Stradale can be “crafted to [the] utmost perfection.”

Source: Novitec Tridente via WCF

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Porsche Panamera Turbo by TECHART

The German tuners from TECHART have unveiled this week their Stage 2 power kits for the Panamera Turbo and the Cayenne Turbo. The sedan’s engine now develops 621 hp (630 PS / 464 kW) and a peak torque of 649 lb.-ft (880 Nm) which allows the car to hit 62 mph in 3.7 seconds, en route to a top speed of 202.5 mph (326 km/h).

Porsche Cayenne Turbo by TECHART

Fitted with this power kit, the engine that resides under the hood of the SUV is able to produce 651 hp (660 PS / 486 kW) and a peak torque of 649 lb.-ft (880 Nm), which is enough for a 0-62 mph sprint in 4.2 seconds, before reaching a maximum speed of 189.5 mph (305 km/h).

Source: TECHART via WCF

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Carlsson CK63 RS

One of the cars brought to this year’s edition of the Frankfurt Motor Show that we almost forgot to talk about is the Carlsson CK63 RS, based on the Mercedes-Benz CLS 63 AMG. Fitted with the Performance Package, the regular CLS 63 AMG is able to do the 0-62 mph sprint in 4.3 seconds, but the engineers from Carlsson have managed to shave 0.2 seconds of that time by increasing the output of the engine.

Carlsson CK63 RS

In its standard configuration, the power unit produces 550 hp (557 PS / 410 kW) but Carlsson managed to increase the output to 642 hp (649 PS / 477 kW) and a peak torque of 590 lb.-ft (800 Nm), which is enough for a 0-62 mph sprint time in 4.1 seconds.

Carlsson CK63 RS

Other than that, they’ve fitted onto the CLS 63 AMG a carbon fiber aerodynamic kit that comes with a front spoiler, a new RS front spoiler lip, rear boot-lid spoiler, black-colored stainless steel grille inserts, RS rear diffuser and a rear skirt insert.

Carlsson CK63 RS

They didn’t stop there as the car also got a new stainless steel sport exhaust system that features four oval pipes, an adjustable suspension kit that can bring the sexy 4-door coupe closer to the ground by up to 30 mm, along with a bunch of 20-inch alloys.

Carlsson CK63 RS

Inside the cabin, the CK63 RS by Carlsson comes with Nappa leather in Mokka brown color, carbon inlays in dark brown, along with soft velour floor mats that have the tuner’s logo, illuminated sill panels as well as brushed aluminum door pins.

Source: Carlsson

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G-Power M3 Tornado RS

The German tuners from G-Power have developed a new upgrade program for the BMW M3 and this one is probably the best they’ve ever made. By installing an SK III “Sporty Drive” supercharger system, they’ve managed to increase the output of the V8 engine to 710 hp (720 PS / 592 kW) and a peak torque of 516 lb.-ft (700 Nm).

G-Power M3 Tornado RS

With so much power under the hood, it’s no wonder that the M3 needs only 3.7 seconds in order to hit 62 mph from start, while 0-124 mph is done in 9.5 seconds, on its way to a top speed of 205.5 mph (330 km/h).

G-Power M3 Tornado RS

If you own a BMW M3, this tuning program will cost you 35,000 Euros, without taking into consideration the costs for installing the supercharger system.

Source: G-Power via WCF

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speedART PS9-300D

The German tuners from speedART have developed an upgrade program for the diesel-powered Porsche Panamera. Dubbed the PS9-300D, they’ve managed to increase the output of the V6 3.0-liter engine to 296 hp (300 PS / 221 kW) and a peak torque of 479 lb.-ft (650 Nm), up from the standard 247 hp (250 PS / 184 kW) and 406 lb.-ft (550 Nm).

speedART PS9-300D

Aside from the power increase, it comes with an aerodynamic kit that includes side skirts, a front chin spoiler, a double wing rear spoiler, rear diffuser, as well as revised front & rear air intakes. Other than that, this Panamera comes with massive 22-inch mono-block wheels that are wrapped around in 265 tires for the rims in the front and 305 rubbers for the back ones. The tuning ends with twin tailpipes that provide a more muscular look.

Source: speedART via WCF

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Citroen DS3 Racing By Superchips

The British tuners from Superchips have decided to roll out an upgrade program for the Citroen DS3 Racing. They’ve done it by remapping the ECU of the car and if you’re one of the lucky 1,000 clients that got a DS3 Racing, this power boost will set you back 455 pounds (including VAT).

In the United Kingdom, the fastest version of the DS3 comes with a 1.6-liter turbocharged twin-scroll gasoline engine that offers 204 hp and a peak torque of 202 lb.-ft (275 Nm). After Superchips optimizes the ECU, the engine can offer an additional 26 hp and 43 Nm, for a grand total of 230 hp and 234 lb.-ft (318 Nm).

According to the tuner, the Citroen DS3 Racing feels “livelier” although they haven’t finished testing the upgraded version of the hot hatch. They said that the new version will “eclipse” the 6.5 seconds needed for the regular version to do the 0-62 mph sprint. In addition, the top speed should be over the standard 149 mph.

Source: Superchips via Carscoop

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Myvi Wolfrace Design Concept

Perodua (ERusahaan Otomobil KeDUA Sendirian Berhad) is the second largest car maker in Malaysia after Proton, and they’ve teamed up with Wolfrace, a tuning company from the United Kingdom, to create this Myvi Wolfrace Design Concept that will spawn into a limited production model.

If you didn’t know, the second generation of the supermini Myvi is based on the Dahiatsu Boon/Sirion and the Toyota Passo. This concept brings a couple of styling changes, including 16-inch alloys that have low-profile Falken tires, contrasting red tailgate mirrors and spoiler, new graphics on the body, a twin chrome exhaust and tinted windows. In addition, it benefits from a lowered suspension that features Eibach springs which should increase the handling of the car.

Inside the cabin, Wolfrace used a combination of Alcantara and leather for the seats, along with a Vibe audio upgrade that includes bass enclosure.

The Malaysian manufacturer has announced that the car will go on sale in the United Kingdom at the beginning of next month. No word about the price tag yet.

Source: Perodua, Wolfrace via Carscoop

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