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2012 Mercedes-Benz SLK

The newest engines developed by the German automaker Mercedes come with a lot of technologies implemented in order to greatly reduce CO2 emissions and improve fuel efficiency (up to 10%). These new power units require a much leaner fuel-to-air ratio, and for this reason, the United States is not a current market.

The reason behind this situation is that according to Bernhard Heil, Daimler’s powertrain development vice president, the gas in the United States contains sulfur at the rate of 95 parts-per-million, which is just about twice as much as these new engines can tolerate. The problem is that the excess sulfur clogs the nitrogen oxide-capturing traps.

United States is not the only country that sells gasoline with a high amount of sulfur in it, as there are many areas in Africa and Asia that have such kind of gas that is not suitable for the newest engines developed by Mercedes-Benz. The first power unit of this generation is the V6 direct-injected 3.5-liter in the C350 sport sedan and the SLK roadster. This 302 hp engine will not benefit from the lean-burn technology for the cars sold in the United States.

Source: Ward’s Automotive via Autoblog

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