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The United Kingdom it’s a good place to visit if you are planning to make a good investment and buy a classic car. Every year many important and exciting classic car auctions are organized in the UK.

One of these auctions is the Coys auction. The 2011 edition took place in Birmingham on the 5th of January. The auction was a success with total sales of £1,370,888. The most expensive car sold was a 1968 Bizzarrini 5300GT that convinced the bidders to pay the impressive price of £238,000. It couldn’t have been any other way, because the car was recently restored and met the highest standards possible with its four Webbers and its wide rear wheels.

Another remarkable presence was the 22nd of the only 24 Evolution Ford RS200 ever made. The price tag was quite spicy: £123,600. It’s a good price for a sports car that was based on the Group B rally car. With a 4 cylinder engine, a front and rear suspension, and its ford magnesium alloy wheels (6-8 in rims and 16’’ in diameter) it’s a car you can’t resist.

The list of UK classic car auctions continues with the classic auctions that take place in Surrey on the 2nd and the 15th of June. The 2010 auction that was organized on the 2nd of June brought in the spotlight a magnificent 1954 Aston Martin DB2/4 with a story as impressive as its looks. The car was initially owned by a farmer which took it as a payment for a debt in 1973. The farmer used it just a few times in the 34 years he owned it. In 2007 the farmer sold it and the current owner invested £20,000 in restoring the car. Although the restorer tried to keep most of the original features, the engine was rebuilt and the petrol pumps were replaced.

Another good investment present at the auction was a MGB rally car. This is one of the two MGB rally cars that were manufactured in 1964 and that actually won a few rallies. A Historical Technical Passport comes with this car making it eligible for other prestigious events like the Goodwood Revival or the Monaco Classic Grand Prix.

H&H is another UK classic car auction that was established by Simon Hope and Mark Hamilton in 1993, being one of the most important auctions in Europe. Classic cars feel right at home and collectors can find incredible deals. The 2010 edition, held in Buxton on the 8th of December, was a success due to some amazing cars like the 1964 DB5 Aston Martin that had an incredible price tag of £144,300 or the 1965 Jaguar E Type sold for £68,200. Other classic car brands like Mercedes, Bentley, Ford or Maserati were well represented as well.

These were three of the most popular auctions that take place every year in UK. The list can go on and on, because Europeans are car lovers in general and classic car lovers in particular. Moreover, The United Kingdom it’s a perfect location: a royal venue for some royal cars…

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