UK Police to receive the Mitsubishi i-Miev as an electric patrol car |

Going green is all the hype these days, as many automakers and companies which employ a big fleet of cars are trying to get their green reputation high in order to become more popular. The latest institution to follow this new trend? Why the UK Police department, which has seemingly flooded Mitsubishi for requests to test its i-Miev electric car as a city patrol vehicle.

That’s right, the Police will soon be cracking down on crime in a cities across the UK in the peculiar i-Miev. The electric car, which has an autonomy of 100 miles and a top speed of 81 mph (130 kmh/), is powered by a 47kW / 64HP motor, which develops around 180 Nm (132 lb-ft) of torque.

Already revealed last month in “police uniform” the i-Miev has generated some big demands with various Police departments across the UK. The first boys in blue to get their hands on the vehicle will be the ones in the West Midlands, which will put the car on the road around December.

With any luck, perhaps we’ll see some blazing chases in the UK with cops using the i-Miev to catch the criminals. What do you think about this new initiative for the Police? Don’t be shy to drop a comment.

Source: CarScoop

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