Underground Racing reveals ridiculous 1,500 HP twin-turbo Lamborghini Gallardo | Rpmgo.com

There are some tuning projects which aim to increase the power of an engine by around 100 HP, and there are some which aim to take it as high as mechanically possibly.

The latest work from the team at Underground Racing falls right into the second category and pushes it to its limit, as the team unveiled an outrageous Lamborghini Gallardo, which saw its normal V10 engine fitted with twin turbos, and its output increased to a massive 1,500 HP (at 30 psi and running on VP C16 racing fuel).

The company made this Gallardo for a client known only as Jonah, which then took it to drag track and, with minimum experience and on his first drive of the car, managed to get a sub-10 second time on the quarter mile strip.

This is quite an impressive feat of tuning and you can check out the video of the car after the jump.

Source: WorldCarFans

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