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Toyota has officially backfired against the accusations from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that it planted a story with the Wall Street Journal in order to clear its name from the unintended acceleration scandal. In case you aren’t familiar with the story, the WSJ cited inside sources that said that investigations on unintended… …read the full post

At the beginning of the week, the Wall Street Journal posted an extremely interesting story, according to which the Toyota unintended acceleration incidents that are currently being investigated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration were mostly caused by driver error. More specifically, according to the WSJ’s sources, most of… …read the full post

Toyota faced a huge scandal at the beginning of 2010, when it was faced with unintended acceleration concerns on the majority of its models. The Japanese company acted swiftly and issued two large recalls, one for floor mats, the other for the sticky accelerator pedals, but people were already pointing fingers at the company. Now, according to a new… …read the full post

It seems that unintended acceleration is at it again, prompting a recall from another carmaker besides Toyota. After opening up an investigation into sticking gas pedals for certain Chrysler models at the beginning of May, the NHTSA published its results and the Pentastar has started taking action. As such, Chrysler has just announced that it will… …read the full post

It seems floor mats are not only responsible for one of the huge recalls that affected Toyota models at the beginning of the year, but also cause some issues for 2010 Ford Fusion and 2010 Mercury Milan models. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has just opened an investigation, after three cases were reported of pedal entrapment due… …read the full post

Toyota’s unintended acceleration scandal caused a quite a lot of damage to the image of the Japanese carmaker, but the problems with the cars also caused tragedies in the families of people involved in accidents or crashes because of either the sticky pedal or the jammed floor mat. According to a new statistic from the National Highway Traffic… …read the full post

Seeing as how Toyota desperately needs to score some more points in the eyes of the public, especially after it has been overtaken by BMW in terms of brand value, the company released a new statement, regarding the repairs on the many recalled vehicles from the start of the year. It seems that Toyota dealerships were extremely busy and managed, since… …read the full post

Toyota received a pretty big blow this past weekend, as the Department of Transportation and the National Highway Traffic Safety Association announced that they will issue a fine of $16.4 million to the Japanese carmaker. According to new reports, seeing as how it isn’t “that” big a fine, at least in comparison to the profits the… …read the full post

Seeing as how Toyota is paying dearly in terms of public opinion and consumer backlash for its unintended acceleration problems, General Motors has just announced it will be implementing a new “enhanced Smart Pedal” technology in all automatic gearbox-equipped vehicles by 2012. Essentially, this system will work as a brake override, meaning… …read the full post

The dreaded unintended acceleration problem has been plaguing the media in the last few months, largely because of Toyota’s major recalls due to various parts failing and resulting in out of control vehicles. But this new video shows Japanese models aren’t the only ones suffering from such problems. In it, a last generation Renault Laguna… …read the full post

The investigations into the unintended acceleration problems experienced by Toyota vehicles lately have really gone off the tracks. At first we were treated to the wild speculation that even cosmic rays might be to blame for the acceleration problems of Japanese cars. Now, the Department of Transportation has revealed that two investigations, one led… …read the full post

We revealed to you at the beginning of the week that NHTSA and Toyota investigations into the New York runaway Toyota Prius incident both point to driver error as being the cause of the crash. For those who don’t remember, a day after the runaway San Diego Prius, a New York woman was involved in an accident while trying to leave her driveway… …read the full post

Toyota has just added a new lawsuit to its ever increasing collection, as a group of lawyers are taking the Japanese carmaker to court in the name of all the shareholders who experienced grave losses after the unintended acceleration recalls were issued. To put things in perspective, on the day Toyota issued the two recalls, covering around 8.5 million… …read the full post

Besides the runaway California Toyota Prius, the USA was also shocked by another Prius crash, which occurred in a suburban area of New York city. The incident involved a woman driver who attempted to get out of her driveway in a 2005 Prius hybrid. The car, according to her report, accelerated on its own, and despite pressing the brake pedal, crashed… …read the full post

As you all know by now, it seems that the recent runaway Toyota Prius incident was actually a hoax, as both the National Highway Traffic Safety Association and Toyota have found in two separate investigations that James Sikes didn’t follow the prescribed procedures in order to stop his “unintentionally accelerating” Prius. We’ve… …read the full post