Unpacking Geely’s Mega Volvo Stock Sale: Catastrophe or Clever Strategy?

  • Chinese automaker Geely takes a tremendous “yard-sale” move by selling 100 million of its Volvo shares, triggering a 14 percent drop in the latter’s stock prices.
  • Contrary to the stock market’s reaction, Geely insists that this massive stock sale is part of a well thought “home remedy” plan for Volvo’s health improvement.

Alright folks, here’s the deal. It appears that Geely, in its infinite wisdom, decided it was a good idea to take 100 million of its Volvo shares and dump them into the market. Now, of course, this causes the stock prices to fall through the floor like a kid’s science project. I mean, who wouldn’t panic if a company just casually sold a truckload of its own shares, right?

However, Geely, like a quirky doctor that recommends surprising treatments, swears that this shock therapy is part of a master plan to give Volvo a health boost. Now that’s what I call “tough love.” Here’s hoping that Geely knows what it’s doing – fingers crossed that we’ll see Volvo bouncing back strong and not clinging onto life support! Let’s just hope this isn’t a classic case of “The operation was successful, but the patient died.”


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