US dealers not happy with all-hybrid Mercedes-Benz S Class plans –

Earlier this month a new report surfaced, which claimed that the next generation of the flagship Mercedes-Benz S Class will adopt a full-hybrid setup, at least for the North American market, given the appetite of many consumers for such models.

As you could imagine, this report encountered a pretty big backlash from hardcore MB fans, who believe it isn’t a gamble worth attempting for the German carmaker. Now, some US dealers are also expressing their lack of belief in the all-hybrid S Class models.

They claim that the primary buyer of such models isn’t interested in hybrid propulsion, but performance and comfort, and is willing to pay for a lackluster fuel average. MB, on the other hand, revealed at the New York Auto Show that it will continue to investigate hybrid powertrains for its models.

Even though the all-hybrid S models haven’t been confirmed, the goal of lowering fuel emissions and averages in the near future might push MB towards such a decision. Other advantages include the fact that S Class buyers are early adopters of new technology, being more than willing to pay for it.

Frankly, we’re not so sure any carmaker should focus on an all-hybrid lineup, largely due to the costs associated with it. Only time will tell what will happen with the Mercedes-Benz S Class, as the company might announce something concrete in the following months.

Source: Automotive News

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