US government is excited about Fiat's plan for Chrysler

It seems that good news are coming from Detroit and Washington in these past few weeks, as after GM’s flamboyant claim that even though it has recorded a loss, it will start paying back those who bailed it out, Ron Bloom, the chief of the Obama Auto Task Force has revealed that he is quite pleased with what the Italians at Fiat are doing with Chrysler, especially after seeing the new plan unveiled a few weeks ago, which detailed 14 new models and revamps for 10 more.

Bloom revealed that the plan made by Fiat shows “a huge sense of urgency. We see a huge dedication and commitment, working extremely hard.” But he does agree that it will be one hell of a ride and that a lot of hard work needs to be done on both ends of the deal so that Chrysler can go public and pay out all of its loans.

For those of you not familiar with the situation of the Detroit carmaker, the United Auto Workers union currently owns over 55% of the company, and until it will go public and pay the pension obligations, a move which was pegged by Fiat president Sergio Marchionne around 2011, things are still quite sticky.

Until then though, for the sake of everyone involved, let’s hope that Fiat knows what it is doing and the new models announced will experience good sales.

Source: Automotive News (sub. req.) via Autoblog

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