US-spec Tata Nano to cost as much as $8,000

The Tata Nano has become nothing short of a phenomenon in the last few years, even though it is present on its native Indian market for just a short amount of time. This popularity was largely generated by its extremely low price of around $2,000, in its standard spec.

With plans to release it in other markets, like Europe or North America, you can be sure that Tata will make some changes to the Indian-spec model, and add more features, in order to attract customers from those markets, changes which will definitely increase the asking price.

Now, according to a new report, that asking price might be as high as $8,000 when the car will eventually hit North America sometimes next year. Why the triple price? Tata Technologies president, Warren Harris explains:

The structural changes that would need to be made, the changes that would be required as far as emissions are concerned, and some of the features that would be appropriate to add to the vehicle for the North American market, obviously that would drive up the price point.

You can also expect to see a more powerful engine in the Nano, with the two-cylinder 600cc unit being replace with at least a 1-liter engine, capable of taking the small city car to 90 mph, which is blazing fast as opposed to the current 65 mph limit of the Nano.

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Source: The Detroit News via Autoblog

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