US truckers say texting while driving is completely safe and necessary, mandate against banning them

That’s right, the title is correct, it seems that because studies show texting while driving is a whopping 23 times more likely to provoke an accident, the US government wants to ban it. But guess who started militating against this fact by saying that it is completely safe and necessary?

Nope, not the Twitter or Facebook junkies, but the US association of truckers, who these days rely on dash-planted computers and keyboards in their laps to plot out routes, get in touch with their headquarters and keep their customers up to date.

While I myself and plenty of people can realize that this new effort will impede their work, it’s nothing that a cell phone with a headset can’t fix. The truckers have revealed that if they were to pull over to send text messages or access the Internet, then every minute would cost the transport companies about $1.50, which would get pulled from the pay check of the driver.

A spokesman for the American Trucking Associations has even went so far as calling the new law bill “overkill” and that it will not improve anything. His statement just goes against common sense and the fact that trucks are now responsible for 12% of the deaths occurred on highways every year.

What do you think? Would the thought of having a huge truck, driven by a man who is texting, using the Internet and doing all sorts of other things, on the same road as your small car make you feel safe? Share your opinions by leaving a comment.

Source: NewYorkTimes

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