Usain Bolt and Asafa Powell will race against each other … in their cars |

A dispute which has taken place many times in the 100 meter race event at various athletic competitions like the World Championships or the Olympics, Usain Bolt (the current fastest man on earth) versus Asafa Powell (the former fastest man on earth) will be settled on the tarmac it seems, as the two runners have decided to race in their personal cars, a Nissan GT-R for Bolt and a Black Series Mercedes-Benz CLK C63 AMG for Powell.

Don’t forget the fact that Bolt has already flipped his BMW M3, meaning that his driving skills might not be up to par with what is required for the powerful GT-R and that Powell isn’t known for being a very good driver. This all means that we’re in for a very spectacular race. It will take place this weekend in their native Jamaica, and be sure that we will let you know which athlete is fastest … in his car.

Source: JamaicaStar

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