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Well if you’re on the market for a used car, which is also built in 2010 well it can’t be much of a used car, can it?

One of the top releases of 2010 was the Fifth generation Chevrolet Camaro. This “heavy on the muscle” type of car, carries it’s heritage all the way back to the mid ’60s having released five generations of overpowered, turbocharged, massive-hooded, mean looking machines.

The fifth generation consists in five models, all with their own performance standards and personality. If you want to be inconspicuous this is not the car for you, since you will be turning heads and possibly plugging ears since the car is just about as silent as a fire truck. Yet that’s one of the main characteristics of this car.

It’s got power and it knows it has it. If you’re the kind of driver that knows value and history in a car then this one is perfect, if not go buy a Prius.

Chevrolet Camaro

Let’s check out some of the features the five models: LS, 1LT, 2LT, 1SS and the 2SS, have to offer

The LS has a 3.6L V6 engine with tow possibilities for transmission: manual or automatic, equipped with a MP3 player and a sound system big enough to overcome even the engine, will definitely improve the driver’s need for speed.

Traction control and stability control help keep this “bullet” stable as it releases 300 horsepower on the track. The price for this baby that comes with little use, since is barely 1 year old, is somewhere in range of 21000 $.

The 1LT and the 2LT are very similar, both powered by 3.6 L V6 engine, despite having the same engine as the LS series, these are more luxurious, equipped with 18-inch black “Heritage” steel wheels, a slick, keyless entry, cruise control, a fully equipped audio system complete with CD/Mp3 player plus a satellite radio and auxiliary plug and play, if necessary, added to the package that makes this car a perfect candidate for cruising and within a price range of 21500$, very affordable from my point of view, considering the little use on it.

The 2LT is even more equipped, adding to the equation 19-inch alloy wheels, heated side mirrors, and for the series with automatic transmission even a remote engine start. All these spell: comfort comfort comfort, yet the car will not let you forget that you’re still driving “a muscle”. This one is set out for nothing less than 23500$. Very tempting…

The, 1SS and the 2SS, that’s a completely different story.  Trading luxury for power, these are completely different beasts. Powered by a massive 6.2L V8 engine develops a heart-stopping 426 hp on the manual transmission and a bit less on the automatic version which is 410 hp but also equipped with cylinder-deactivation feature which enables a better fuel economy.

This kind of power and torque will enable some massive tire burn-outs in the parking lot but also come at a heavier price of 28000 for the 1SS and 30.200$ for the 2SS which combines the 1SS power and the luxury of the 2LT

I don’t know about you, but i’m getting one.

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