Used Car Extended Warranty

Sometimes, the used car extended warranties are used by sellers for the purpose of obtaining a better resale value and making the potential buyers more confident in their choice. On the market, you can find more than one type of used car warranty and the period of coverage usually varies between two and six years or is expressed in miles. If you decide to buy a used car with such a warranty you will need to have the car repaired only in approved shops and cover a part of the bill, because most used car extended warranties involve deductibles.

When you shop around for a used car extended warranty you should look for companies that offer 0% financing. In addition, you should try to find warranties that include road side assistance and even towing, because your car can break down in any location and multiple towing bills can prove expensive, especially when you need to get to an approved repair shop. Other features you should look for are lock-out assistance, free car rental for the days when your car will be unavailable due to repairs and good claims records. Not only the coverage it’s important, but also the company that provides it, because you need to be sure you can rely on them to follow through.

Let’s now take a look at a few types of use car extended warranties you can buy. There is the bumper to bumper warranty, also known as the premier plus auto warranty. This warranty is offered for all new car purchases and is meant to cover the costs of wear and tear and part breakdown. However, this warranty doesn’t include maintenance costs such as oil changes or flat tires and requires a deductible. It’s always wise to verify the exact parts and situations that are covered before buying it. If you buy a used car less than six years old, you will be able to benefit from this extended warranty.

Another extended warranty is the Powertrain warranty. This is specially designed to cover the engine, the driveshaft and the transmission. When you buy a used car it’s wise to look for one that has a powertrain warranty that lasts longer than the original warranty. This way you will have the most important parts of the car covered by a warranty. If you want more components to be protected and the wear and tear included as well, you can opt for the powertrain plus extended warranty. This warranty will also cover components like the seats or the axle, but it’s more expensive than most of the extended warranties available on the market.

Another type of extended warranty, your used car can benefit from is the premier warranty, which is also known as a full coverage warranty, because besides covering the most important parts of the car, it also protect even the keyless entry feature and the signal light breaks. This warranty can also include roadside assistance if you don’t want to buy it separately. This is a useful warranty if you want to be helped when your car breaks down unexpectedly.

If you want to properly protect your used car by buying an extended used car warranty, you should take the time to do some research and make sure you ask every provider what his package includes. Like you’ve seen from the types of extended warranties available, there is a difference between mechanical breakdown coverage and wear and tear coverage. The difference is reflected by the price, so you should firstly decide what type of protection you need and then find a reliable provider.

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