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Typing used car” in search engines won’t get you very far because you will be getting millions of results. In this article we will share several tips that you can use in Google to get the results for all the websites that contain the words that you type.

To give you an example, let’s say that you wish to obtain information regarding a vehicle that you want to buy. You might want to type used BMW. If you type this, Google will return all of the websites that contain both words somewhere on the page. You might get a website that contains a story where the term “used” is at the top of the page while the word “BMW” is all the way down. In addition, the exact phrase “used BMW” might not be anywhere on the page. In other to narrow down the list of websites returned by Google, you should use the phrase inside quotation marks: “used BMW”. By doing so, Google will then retrieve only the web pages that contain this exact phrase.

In order to narrow the list even further, it is advisable that you expand on your initial keywords by using more specific words. If you want a particular type of BMW, make sure that you type something like “BMW 320d”. Even so you will get more listings that you are willing to browse so you should narrow the results by eliminating those websites that contain certain words. Here’s an example” used BMW 320d”-parts. You’ll have to make sure that there isn’t any space between the minus symbol and the word that you want removed. It won’t work if there is a space between.

In case you want to expand your search, you have the possibility to use the “or” command, like BMW or 320d which will return any website that contains either “BMW” or “320d” or both of them on the same webpage. In order to use this function, you’ll have to type “OR” in capital letters. Used in lower case, Google will treat it just like any other word.

Another thing that you can do is use the synonym search option. As you know, for a lot of phrases there are alternative words which can be used to explain essentially the same idea. In some cases, it is quite difficult to know exactly which one of the words you should use in order to get the most accurate results. In other cases, you might not know the alternative word or you just don’t remember it. To give you a relevant example, instead of using “used”, you might want to type “secondhand”. For doing this, you must enter a tilde “~” before the word: ~secondhand. By doing so, Google will list the pages that contain “used” and “secondhand”.

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