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All the car services that need to have a car lift to make easier the lifting of broken cars in order to be repaired. Some of them are professional used car lifts and some are rudimentary, but one thing is for sure, a used car lift need to be the best for the service employee safety.

Used car lift is a great opportunity to fix a car in good condition and fast or to lift a car on a car platform.  There are several lift models: lifts with 2 colons and one engine, lifts with 2 colons and two engines, lifts with 2 colons and hydraulic, lifts with 4 colons, lifts model double scissors, lift model simple scissors, lifts with hidden action system, special lifts, channel lifts and truck lifts. All these models are made for different types of necessities and for type of services that are offered to customers. For example truck services will choose truck lifts.

Used car lift

The lift with 2 colons and one engine is dedicated to the auto services that will lift microbuses, cars or SUV cars. It is an electro-mechanic lift asymmetric. It has only one engine, its transmission is made on chain, it has a safety system in case of breaking and a control panel for lifting and drooping.

The lift with 2 colons and two engines has the capacity of lifting 3 tons and is used for vehicles, cross-country cars and Vans. This type of lift also has independent colons and electro-mechanic lifting. This model is very good for cars starting with Smart and up to bigger capacities like MB Sprinter.

The 2 colons hydraulic lift can be used up to 3.2 tons cars. This used car lift has only one piston with crossbeam inferior and superior for the lifting cable and a low consume of energy and silent working mode. This is the best lift in its class that meaning 2 colons lifts.

The other lifts are much more advances because they can support minimum 4 tons and maximum 80 tons for the truck lifts and are used by the auto services that need to repair luxurious car that usually are weighting more than a regular car because of their features and also big trucks. The best used car lifts are the ones manufactured by Harding Steel. Those lifts can be studied on the company website and you can also order what lift you need for your service directly to them or to their distributors. All the addresses and names of their distributors worldwide can be found on the website mentioned above at Contact section.

So, in order to lift your personal car in your personal garage or if you have a service for repairing used cars, you definitively need a used car lift in order to help you do your job easily and with safety.

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