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Since cars are an indispensable part of our lives, everybody needs them if they want to get anywhere fast. If you’re heading for one, the first thing that comes in mind is money. If you cannot afford a new one and you’re heading for a used one and realize that you still more cash than you have, there are still solutions. One of the most popular is a used car loan.

Ok so agreeing upon going for a loan? Good. The first think to do before even thinking of getting a loan is checking the car thoroughly. The best way to do so is go and get a Vehicle History Report. That will enable you to see all the stuff that’s been going on with the car. The History report cannot lie to you so you’ll know exactly what the car went through, crashes, eventual major repairs and other things that may affect authenticity and performance. Another important thing is getting the help of a certified mechanic to inspect the car from hood to wheels. The History Report may be clean as a whistle, yet if the car has not been properly maintained and just looks good, you’re in for an unpleasant surprise.

Despite the hard times created by the financial crisis. The car market is still running well so getting a car will not force you to have big expenses, if you know what to do and have a good plan ahead. Getting a loan for a car purchase has become easier than ever especially if you have a clean credit record. The simplest way is to access one of the websites that specialize in car loans like Up2Drive located at: and you’re good to go. In case of less than spotless credit records than getting a loan can be a bit trickier. You still have a good shot if you head for AutoCreditExpress at : . They are specialized in dealing with bad credit, bankruptcy or repossession.

Used car loan

Be careful when you go car hunting. Document upon every car you pick since no bank will lend you any money for a used car that is too old. If you see a manufacturing date older than 5 years wave it goodbye. Know that banks charge minimum 2% more on Annual percentage rate (APR) for every used car loan. Yet you may get lucky online since lenders there are way cheaper, and used car loan fees get closer to new car loan fees.

Remember: never ever put cash for a deposit on a car. If a problem occurs with the deal, you may never get your money back, since the action of placing money in a deposit was done willingly prior to a transaction. A credit transaction on the other hand can be disputed since it’s related to the very contract. If you don’t have one you can head for one of the thousands of offers from every bank. A popular credit card is the Discover Platinum card, or Discover Student Card, both of them having 0 annual fee, and are fully protected from fraud.

Before you buy the car, take into account costs like insurance and extended warranty (which is a must have in case your car falls apart). Some of the best auto insurance quotes can be received from Allstate, GEICO or BestCarInsuraceSite. If you’re going for an extended warranty, there is no better place to go than CARCHEX or WarrantyDirect. They can offer you unbeatable odds and good coverage for most car parts.

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