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There are several used car pricing guides that you can use in order to figure out the price tag of a car that you want to sell or to find out if the vehicle that you plan on buying has a fair price. One of these guides is the Kelley Blue Book which contains suggested retail prices that vehicle dealers would ask for a car, depending on the make & model, year and mileage of the vehicle.

The KBB values are suggested asking prices but in real life the selling price is actually lower, and the guide is not suitable for collector cars, classics, hot rods and vintage cars because these are rare and exclusive cars and their price tag varies greatly. Anyway, it still is a good source to find out an estimate of how much money a car is worth, and you can access the online guide for free at There you will notice a price that indicated “what consumers are actually paying for this vehicle”, which in most cases is a more accurate guide than the MSRP.

Another used car pricing guide that you might want to consider is the one offered by NADA (National Automobile Dealers Association). In most cases, the prices you will find in this guide are higher than the ones in KBB due to the reason that NADA is also providing the basis for taxes. In order to compile the values of the cars, NADA takes into consideration the average of the actual wholesale price tags which are paid in a certain location in the United States.

There’s also the Blackbook used car pricing guide which you can access at but keep in mind that the consumer wholesale used car values should be used only as a guideline. If you want to go to a dealer that uses the blackbook, it is recommended that you ask to see the page from where they are getting the info and do a quick comparison to the info you have obtained from other sources.

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