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2011 has arrived, recession has passed and the used car market is better than ever. Extremely profitable offers have boosted the used car market onto new heights. If you’re looking for a car to replace your own if you have it, now is the best time to buy. Take some time and check out the top 5 reviews for the most fuel efficient and economical of all car types: the hatchbacks.

Let’s face it, now matter how many features and what comfort and safety may the car come with, the most important factor will forever be the price. Let’s check out some of the most affordable, barely used, fuel efficient and safe used cars of 2011

The first on our top 5 and one of the most affordable on the market: the 2011 Nissan Versa brings a whole lot of style and sleek looks to the hatchback section.  On the outside the Versa is equipped with 15 inch steel wheels, power mirrors and a stereo with a six disc CD changer that comes with an auxiliary audio jack. Pretty standard features that come at a very low price. A compact, but good 1,8 liter engine that produces 122 hp added with a

Six speed manual transmission gives it enough power to carry itself and more at decent speed with a reasonable 9.4 sec acceleration on 0 – 60 mph . With a price of only $13.900 this is a real bargain.

2011 Nissan Versa

Our second best is the master of safety From Toyota: the 2011 Toyota Yaris. The Yaris comes with a stylish cabin that is equipped inside and out. Some of the features include

60/40-split rear seats, 15-inch wheels, a rear-window wiper, CD/MP3 player with auxiliary audio jack and satellite radio are only a part of the equipments integrated in this compact hatchback. Talking engineering, the front wheel drive of the Yaris is powered by a 1.5 liter inline 4 engine with an output of 106 hp which is not much but enough to get the job done, yet you won’t be doing any racing in this car since it has a leisure 10.7 seconds acceleration. It may not go very fast but it’s very economic. The Toyota superb fuel economy makes this car a top seller.

2011 Toyota Yaris

Our third place is occupied by the smallest of the lot. The 2011 Smart FortWo Hatchback looks more like a toy than a car. 15-inch alloy wheels, transmission shift paddles, a glass roof, heated power mirrors, power windows and a sport steering wheel are some of the features that come with the car, yet I must ask, where did they fit them?. A tiny 1.0 liter three cylinder Mitsubishi engine that delivers 70 hp powers up this toy car, just about enough to go do a little grocery shopping and come back, yet the Mercedes Benz manufacturing concept left it’s mark in the safety department, making it alot tougher in collision than it looks.

The fourth place is occupied by the 2011 Chevrolet Aveo. This car earned its place by presenting a lot on the economy and price departments. A trip computer, upgraded cloth upholstery, heated power sideview mirrors and steering-wheel-mounted audio controls combined with 1.6 liter four cylinder engine that develops 108 hp and a five manual transmisson for the price of $12.200 makes it a favorite among buyers. And finally our 5th place is given to the Hyundai Accent with a very good price of $9,950

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