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Since the used car market has dramatically expanded, finding a good used car can be a tricky maneuver. No matter if you’re buying or selling, you still have to undergo several processes, one more challenging than the other. Although, as you’ve probably guessed, buying a car is a bit more difficult than selling one since you don’t have any information to hold on to. No car history, no report no thing. This turn the used car purchase in a poker match. A lot of it is gambling and guesswork, therefore you have to be cautious when buying a car, to make sure that you’re not getting a lemon. The lemon law cannot protect you from everything.

For example you surely have seen a supposedly expensive car being sold for a considerably lower price than usual. You get all worked up and give the owner a call, to find out that the car has been severely damaged and has undergone some major repairs. This explains the price (not to mention a complete walk away).

Unfortunately there are sellers that aren’t completely true to their word and leave some aspects about the car’s history hidden. How can you guess if the car has been totaled in the past? It can get a little trickier but it’s not impossible to outsmart the seller and end up with a great deal.

Used Car To Buy

If you have any doubts about the sellers “honest word” and get a funny feeling about the car, than you should go directly to the title. The law in most states sais that every insurance company or repair shop has the obligation to report any car crash that resulted in severe damage to the car, or if it has been salvaged. If the title is clean, yet you’re still suspicious about something than keep reading and you’ll find out how to determine signs of recent repairs.

One sign of repairs is the over spray that can be found on the taillights. This is a definite sign that the car has undergone some repairs and a paint job. A seller could easily thwart this obstacle by simply getting a new tail light or, cleaning the one he has stained. If you hear the seller rambling about the great care he has shown to the car and the fact that he never had an accident, than you simply ask him about the fresh looking paint over the taillights. And he’d better have a pretty good reason, therefore if he starts stumbling simply walk away.

Another sign of repair is usually found within the lines where two car parts are interconnected. For example if you have a look at the distance between the hood and the front fender, and see that the distance doesn’t match somewhere, or the space between them get’s larger or smaller than you’ll know that the car had to have it’s fender or hood replaced since none of them are aligned correctly.

If course this doesn’t mean you need to get a roulette and a microscope and start researching the paint before you even asked the owner about the car. Most of the time, sellers realize that you, as a buyer can be very skeptical about acquiring the car. Since they don’t want to ruin the already limited trust you have in them, they will be completely honest about the car’s condition. Keep in mind that not everybody is a crook that will try to fool you. For example if you see some hit marks and he tells you about the small incident, than you know he’s trustworthy.

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