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Seen the situation on the used car market lately? Well it’s improving day by day. Dealers pop-up form every side when it comes to buying, inspecting, insuring, warranties, contracting etc. I’m heading for Anchorage and you should too if you think about buying a car. How do I know this you ask? Why that’s simple. I headed for the fastest way possible. I searched online, and stumbled upon some of the coolest used car dealer websites I’ve ever seen. Let’s check them out.

First of all I stumbled upon I entered and I was already impressed. “Your No Nonsense Car dealer” policy greeted me with a hearty hello. So I started snooping around and found out some neat offers from the very beginning, exactly on the “Home” tag. I mean a 2008 Suzuki Forenza with only 28000 miles and a price of 8.995$ isn’t something I’d pass by like a walk in the park. The browsing system is really helpful and the Advanced Search section can reduce the search pattern dramatically by including even Doors and Color options. I just liked that. The only downside is the limited number of Audi models (Audi fan).

Next stop I head for Harley’s Auto Park at After getting used to the nearly blinding red background, I realized that the site is actually pretty user friendly and helpful. Offers were jumping from all sides. I didn’t even know what to read first. What captivated my interest, was the fact that, besides the good prices on cars, I am entitled to a 500$ gas cupon by simply coming with a car for an insurance, or a check-up. A simple online form that asks ONLY for my name and last name is required, I don’t have to get tons of information. I snooped around and found out that this site is heavily rewarded by all sorts of associations and companies for honesty, reliability and customer care.

Moving on, I stumbled across the Continental Auto Group located at I realized that I just found out the best place for Asian made cars. A ton of great prices for every model of Honda, Acura, Subaru, Mazda, Nissan, and Suzuki I could think of. A friendly search system that was already sorted by manufacturer enabled me to find every type of car I was interested in. the offers presented are pretty good, some of them include discount at every car part you change or purchase from their location, offer that comes with different amounts at different prices. The “Pre owned specials ” are something to really look at, I mean a Honda Civic LX from 2010 that barely has 7000 miles to be bought at only $14.995 that’s something I can’t easily ignore.

Aaah finally, some genuine muscle. Cal Worthington of, seems to be in tune with the needs of the all american American. Ford cars, and big ones too. Ford pick-up trucks, mustangs, muscle Chevy’s and surprisingly, even Hummers. Big dealership for big cars. Seeking some info about the firm, Cal Worthington sais that he’s been selling cars for over 57 years to the day and probably sold more cars that any other dealership in Anchorage. Their dedication and honesty to the client is almost as passionate as their love for big, strong powerful cars.  The amount of info about cars and prices, and deals and finances is amazing, bigger than any of the sites that I’ve came across. This show’s makes me feel more confident about this site than most. The little script problem is not enough to be unsettling.

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