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Over the last couple of years Chevrolet has been working around the clock to place on the market some of the best sold and successful cars covering just about every market sector. There are literally hundreds of models for each release, trims, specs, and personalization packages, more than the average user could possibly remember. If you’re on the market for a used car, whether you are a Chevrolet fan or not, you should check out some of the best used car deals and you might become a fan.

The 2010 Chevrolet Colorado is a big player on the trucks market segment. Available in three versions: the regular, extended and crew cab. A 220 hp 3.5 liter inline with five cylinders is enough to keep the car going whether it’s at full load or completely empty. Equipped with overhead cams and an automatic transmission, that governs perfectly the all wheel drive, makes the Colorado a truck to be trusted. It can be yours with only $21.600.

Need I even present the 2010 Chevrolet Corvette? The famous 2 seat sports car comes with a lot more power, an even more sporty style and naturally, more power. A huge 5.7 liter V8 engine powers up the Corvette bringing it to a total of 450 hp. Coming with both options for transmission: manual with six speed and a four speed automatic. Radical acceleration has made it one of the top American choices in sports cars. Other big standouts are the braking performance that continues to amaze and the steering and handling behavior at top speed. It may be a bit dicey on the pocket though, costing nothing less than $85,500.

Chevrolet Aveo

Switching to a more docile section, we encounter the 2010 Chevrolet Aveo. It’s actually a Daewoo manufacture with a Chevrolet badge on it. Yet it’s not to be discarded because of it. The little  “tyke” has incredible maneuverability and it’s highly economic. Powered up by a simple yet efficient 103 hp 4 cylinder engine, this is the perfect car for crowded cities and little space. It may be less than satisfactory in the acceleration department but let’s face it for $6.500 you’re not exactly going to take it to the race track.

The first compact in 10 years, the Chevrolet Cobalt was introduced in 2005 as a replacement for the Chevrolet Cavalier. Being a bit larger and costlier than the Korean built Chevrolet Aveo gave it a little edge over it. The standard trim came more equipped containing 18 inch wheels, sport suspension, air conditioning system, a CD player with 4 speakers and OnStar assistance. It’s very economic and has a surprisingly swift acceleration for such a small car. The only drawback to it is the fact that it’s noisy. If you’re interested in a reliable small, maneuverable car you can own a Cobalt for $15500.

If you’re on the market for a sturdy, strong van and it so happens that you’re a bit short on cash, than the 2005 Chevrolet Astro is exactly the thing you need. A properly maintained and equipped Astro can carry no less than 6000 pounds. So unless you plan on moving the entire house, this is exactly what you need. It has anti lock brakes equipped on all the wheels, the optional AWD traction will keep you on the road no matter what the payload is, and not only you carry  yourself but with a trailer towing capability, you will be handling a lot more. All that only with $7900.

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