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Nowadays getting a used car can be a liability but if you take your time and research a little you will end up very satisfied and with a whole lot of money saved in your pocket. In case that used car happens to be a Chevy than you’ve struck gold. In the last few years, Chevrolet has placed on the market some of the coolest, meanest, most challenging and most powerful sets of wheels on the market. And since they’re selling like hot bread, getting a used car should be a synch.

There are Chevrolet cars dispersed around every car market segment from car, to truck so let’s just start with the Chevrolet Equinox. The Equinox is placed in the growing segment of “plus sized” crossover SUV’s. Similar to other vehicles like it, the Equinox covers the necessities and provides the utility you would normally expect from a more traditional SUV, but on the other hand its driving dynamics is not the “sharpest” thing around. The poor fuel economy is something you should also take into consideration. Yet still, being constructed as most crossovers are, using a car-like platform, they are quite sturdy and have very good crash test results, not to mention that they are surprisingly comfortable.

Chevrolet placed on the market 2 Equinox generations. One that was loved for its roomy interior and comfortably driving, but also had their downsides in substandard materials for interior and trunk. The second generation has been launched as an improvement, which brought to the table a more sharper styling, improved cabin materials, additional features and specs and most importantly, a wider variety of engine choices, which currently makes it a top choice in small SUV crossovers.

Chevrolet Suburban

If you want a car with deep history, than the Chevrolet Suburban is the car you’re looking for. It is the car with probably the longest run in the US dating all the way back to 1936. After so many years of serving faithfully as a big truck that was destined for rural use, now it is the currently top choice for those that want a class leader in passenger and cargo capacity carriers, sporting a third row seating and powerful towing capabilities.

Coming with solid underpinnings and a strong powertrain, a comfortable ride for up to nine people and their cargo make the Suburban a definite favorite in the large SUV section. A very short list of competitive cars could offer more than the Suburban, but the big SUV from Chevrolet is the only one on the market that comes in both versions: simple and heavy duty. It comes with the highest of recommendations and is about the most versatile SUV around.

Switching to the car segment, we encounter another Chevy that has been around since the Beatles. The Chevrolet Malibu has gone through some considerable redesigns since then. The initial idea was for a car that was fit for the midsize segment with rear drive that included sedans, wagons, coupes and even muscle cars. After a considerable downfall in 1970 and a quiet funeral in the ’80s, the Malibu has been restored as a smaller front wheel driven pleasure for those up for rental.

The latest Malibu on the other hand comes bringing to the table a new level of refinement and performance that puts it way higher than it’s predecessors, and on the line with other favored midsize family cars. The Malibu is one of the most silent cars that you can get. You can barely hear the soft purr of the engine, making the ride very smooth and comfortable.

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